Sunday, December 5, 2010

Once Again It's Time To Deck The Halls

 Christmas greetings from my cozy little apartment
It's time once again to bring those dusty boxes down from the attic and see what's been waiting inside.  Now where are those Christmas memories.
Oh, yes... I remember these beautiful red bubbles trimmed in gold .   Mom brought them over one year, hidden in a shopping bag that she held behind her back.   Ever since I was a little girl,  she would surprise me that way and say, "Which hand?"    Thank you,   Mom. I still get a thrill when you come by and play that funny little game with me.   
And here's another one she gave me, that I keep out all year.
I bought a branch of crystals just the other day...  but where, oh where shall I put them was the question I asked myself.  And what do you think I found... that old pink Christmas tree that I nearly threw away.
Here's "amother"  Christmas memory ...Guess who gave me these?
I opened up another dusty box.  It was full of old ornaments from 1985.  Oh my, "Maybe I should give these to Goodwill." I thought.  Then a sweet memory popped into my head.   That was the first Christmas in our new home.   Rachel and Daniel were so young... and oh how they've grown.   I stood up and looked around the room... then I spied the gold chandelier. 

I found the baby Jesus and I found the angel too.  But where is Joseph...  where's Mary...  and what ever did I do with the manger? 

The little neighbor girl said that Mary and Joseph must be out Christmas shopping while the angel is babysitting Jesus.
When I saw what was in the bottom of the box.  I had to laugh out loud.  There was the little Christmas hat that our pet ferret used to wear.   I sat down and held the little hat up to my nose and took a big sniff and smiled.  Daniel is grown up now and his ferret is long gone.   I found a cozy resting place on top of the fairy reading.
And the old pink crumpled roses... what shall I do with these?  Two little magic words;   
glue and glitter.
                                                           Well, I've opened every box...  
                                                              I've decked out every tree...   
                                                          I've added a touch of Christmas,  
                                                                   to every thing I see.  
These are the reflections of Christmas past.
And Cheers to the future...
It's gonna be a blast!  

(I know the last line is corny... but it rhymes.) 

   I moved my last child to college a few months ago.   Now it's just me 
       and the cats.   And I didn't know if I would be putting up a tree this year.

  Ho...  Ho...  Ho...

look what happened... It's Christmas everywhere.

        For God so loved the world...